Holy Hell, Google

I just want to create a separate YouTube account for something that I want separate from other things, but no. I close out my old account and HEY HEY REMEMBER GOOGLE+? Well, that’s my YouTube account now. NO I CAN’T HAVE ANOTHER ACCOUNT. This is my one and only account now and the more I support Google, the more website they are going to buy to assimilate into a big mass of Google.

I want to love you so bad, Google. Why do you hurt me? I love Reader. I love Search. I love Reader so much that I put it before Search. I love Maps. I love you and you’re just like “Nah, fuck you. One account for you. That’s it. LALALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU, DON’T CARE.” 

I’m making my own tech startup. It’s called Loogie and I hope it never leaves your eyesight. Dicks. 

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